Optimal Goods - Kids Musical Dog Toy Walking, Singing, Barking Plush Pet Puppy Husky
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Kids Musical Dog Toy Walking, Singing, Barking Plush Pet Puppy Husky
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Walking, Singing, Barking Plush Pet Puppy Husky Kids Musical Dog Toy

One of the very first relationships your child will form will probably be with a beloved stuffed animal outside of their family. Plush animals are more than just a toy. Stuffed animals serve as companions to children who can relate to them and interact with them. Playing with stuffed toys allows children to act out scenarios, explore emotions they do not fully understand, practice skills they have just learned, and stimulate their sense of independence.

While kids often find the world a scary place, a stuffed toy can provide a sense of security and familiarity no matter where they go or what they encounter in the strange new world they find themselves in. Children feel less vulnerable when they have a furry friend to help them cope with new situations. Since small children don?t have much control over the world around them, stuffed toys can help them express their need for independence.

By taking charge of their toys, kids can feel in charge for once, boosting their confidence. Young children often role-play with stuffed toys and dolls. Toys can be a safe, positive way for children to learn how to handle emotions they don?t fully understand when they?re experiencing emotions they don?t understand. Children can also benefit from the role-playing children do with their stuffed animals via their relationships with siblings, parents, and new friends.

As a result of seeing a person?s behavior modeled by those around them, children can empathize and practice their behaviors. They are excited to try out their new skills for the first time when they discover how to talk. Their stuffed animals are a great way to help them develop this skill. Perfect practice makes perfect!

Walking Toy Dog Walking Toy Dog

Walking Tail Dog Walking Tail Dog

Puppy Barking Toy Puppy Barking Toy

Plush Pet Puppy Husky Kids Musical Dog Toy Walks, Sings, and Barks Features:

  • Requires: 3 AA Batteries (Not Included) Size: 9 L x 9 in H
  • 1 Walking Toy Dog
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