Optimal Goods - Smokeless Fire Pit 23.6-inch Carbon Steel Outdoor Bonfire Stove Stand
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Smokeless Fire Pit 23.6-inch Carbon Steel Outdoor Bonfire Stove Stand
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23.6-inch Carbon Steel Outdoor Bonfire Stove with Smokeless Fire Pit

You can enjoy the warm atmosphere of your backyard with our high-quality bonfire pit outdoors. Carbon steel is used for the fire pit, designed to withstand extreme heat and harsh weather without rusting. By using a fire pit, the wood can burn for a longer period with virtually no smoke. This fire pit comes with two parts that you put together easily. No matter whether you smoke marshmallows or roast meat over the bonfire, this is the perfect backyard setting for a summer party.

We have built our outdoor fire pit from carbon steel with a double-walled construction to maximize both airflow and flame. Oxygen can be fed into the bottom vent holes while warm oxygen flows up between the walls and back into the fire via the top vent holes. A design that allows the high temperature to be insulated reduces the likelihood of accidental burns due to accidental contact with the external wall. Because there are so many air vents on the bonfire, the flames burn evenly, reducing the unpleasant smoke emitted.

The result will be that you spend less time dodging smoke, and your clothes won?t smell. Nevertheless, it is perfect for burning wood and can be used with small pieces of wood or twigs. The bonfire is made of a one-piece design that does not require any assembly. Additionally, the fire pit has a smooth bottom, which makes it easy to transport when going camping, to tailgate parties, or on outdoor picnics. By using the underlying bottom tray, it is easy to pick it up and dump the ash, making cleaning the pit a breeze.

On the terrace, in the yard, or in the garden, there is plenty of room for many people to sit around the bonfire. There will be a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere created. If you use the fire pit, you can keep warm in the yard or outdoors; you can also roast pork, beef, and marshmallows for a delicious taste.

Smokeless Fire Pit Smokeless Fire Pit

Carbon Steel Outdoor Carbon Steel Outdoor

Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit

Smokeless Fire Pit with 23.6-inch Carbon Steel Outdoor Bonfire Stove Features:

  • Weight: 50 lb
  • Outer Diameter: 24 in; Inner Diameter: 20 in
  • Bottom Diameter: 24 in; Height: 13 in
  • 1 Smokeless Fire Pit
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