Optimal Goods - Fire Pit Wind Guard 23x23x8 In 1/4-In Thick Tempered Glass Flame Guard
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Fire Pit Wind Guard 23x23x8 In 1/4-In Thick Tempered Glass Flame Guard
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Wind Guard for Fire Pit 23x23x8 In 1/4-In Thick Tempered Glass Flame Guard

The fire pit flame guard effectively reduces wind compaction on the fire table and is a great setup for your patio or garden. Flames are protected while protecting users with polished edges along with a barrier. It is easy to set up and use with all the associated accessories. Durability and long-lasting performance are ensured by tempered glass and aluminum alloy corner brackets. You can use it with any round fire pit that is smaller than it, so you don't need to worry about the incorrect size. Having a fire pit supply in your garden and patio is a must.

As a result, you can enjoy a constant fire even when it is breezy outside. This fire pit screen blocks the wind from hampering your fire. Using one of our wind guards helps keep flame heights lower, while unguarded flames are likely to burn at higher altitudes and consume more fuel.

Fires can also be avoided with the wind fence, which is excellent for preventing families, friends, and children from getting burned. With polished edges, our fire pit windscreen is made from strong, heavy-duty tempered glass that will last as long as your fireplace. Stabilizing and securing wind boards are 1/4-inch thick, providing 1/4-inch of thickness.

Brackets made of aluminum provide sturdy connections and solid support. We use premium materials so the service life of our products is extended. This modern, sophisticated fire pit guard complements your outdoor fire pit with its minimalist design and clean edges. Embedded in clear glass are dancing flames that are illuminated by a flickering effect.

This fire table glass can remain steady on top of your fire pit because these non-slip aluminum alloy feet ensure that the table will not slide. By elevating the wind guard, the 0.4 inches/10 mm feet ensure smooth airflow. The glass flame screen is composed of four pieces of glass, up-clip accessories, and down-clip accessories. All parts are easy to clean with warm soapy water.

Fire Pit Wind Guard Fire Pit Wind Guard

Tempered Glass Thick Tempered Glass Thick

Wind Guard Fire Pit Wind Guard Fire Pit

Fire Pit Wind Guard 23x23x8 In 1/4-In Thick Tempered Glass Flame Guard Features:

  • 4 Glass Boards; 8 Brackets; 4 Foot Pads; 16 Silicone Pads; 16 Screws
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