Optimal Goods - Stainless Steel 1/8" 1000 ft Spool 1T Construction Cable Wire Rope
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Stainless Steel 1/8" 1000 ft Spool 1T Construction Cable Wire Rope
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1T Construction Cable Wire Rope Stainless Steel 1/8" 1000 ft Spool

Featuring a stainless steel structure and a weight capacity of 1760 pounds, this 1-by-19-inch product offers premium durability. Used outside and indoors for various projects, including clotheslines, stair cable railings, garden fences, shipbuilding, etc. It is an excellent tool for everyday life. Designed to provide higher tension and longer service life with a breaking strength of 1760 pounds and a working strength of 1320 pounds, this wire rope has a working strength of 1320 pounds. With wire ropes, you can prevent your hands and objects from slipping and getting cut or damaged by the highly polished surfaces.

The 19 wires that make up this group form an octagonal helical structure, providing higher strength without the prospect of sagging. The wire ropes we use can be cut easily to meet your requirements without loosening the joint compared to other wire ropes. This product works for many types of applications, such as string lights, clotheslines, garden fencing, DIY railings, stair cabling railings, etc. With a working strength of 1320 lbs and a breaking strength of 1760 lbs, our wire rope is very durable.

The wire rope is useful for a variety of tasks including hanging, strapping, and DIYing. The stainless wire rope has a smooth surface, high polish, and no burr so it safeguards your hands and prevents hurting and damage. Any length is available upon request.

With wire rope made of high-strength stainless steel 316 material, it is wear-resistant and rust-proof, with no corrosion worry, meaning it ensures excellent durability and longevity. With a core as strong as this, the steel cable provides long-lasting service. Use it in both indoor and outdoor environments. Wire ropes can be used for various purposes, such as for garden fencing, supporting plants, clothesline, stair handrails, string lights, etc.

Stainless Steel Construction Stainless Steel Construction

Cable Wire Rope Cable Wire Rope

Wire Rope Cable Wire Rope Cable

1T Stainless Steel Construction Cable Wire Rope 1/8" 1000 ft Spool Features:

  • Length: 1000 ft
  • Breaking Strength: 1760 lbs
  • Working Strength: 1320 lbs
  • 1 T316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope
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