Optimal Goods - Universal Racing Motorcycle Paddock Stand Rear Combo Wheel Lift Stands
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Universal Racing Motorcycle Paddock Stand Rear Combo Wheel Lift Stands
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Rear Combo Wheel Lift Stands for Universal Racing Motorcycle Paddock Stands

Do you like to clean and lubricate your motorcycle chain? Would you like to change your oil and filter? Do you enjoy taking your motorcycle apart and reassembling it yourself? A paddock stand will be your best friend in any of these situations. Paddock stands keep motorcycles stable, especially when they're parked. You can put your bike up on just one wheel or both with a paddock stand, not a side-stand or center stand. The same goes for a center stand. Only one wheel can be raised at a time when using a center stand. The motorcycle will spin back and forth if not held in place. The super lightweight aluminum stand from Oxford fits most motorcycles and can be used as a paddock stand for the rear or front. Paddock stands hold the front and rear wheels upright with axle bolts. You can raise the wheel of a motorcycle off the ground while ensuring a stable ride with the paddock stand. You can use paddock stands if your bike doesn't have a center stand, whether you're a racer, a track day enthusiast, or a home mechanic. Since they keep your bike upright and stable, they make it easier to maintain or store.

Universal Racing Motorcycle Universal Racing Motorcycle

Universal Motorcycle Stand Universal Motorcycle Stand

Paddock Wheel Lifts Paddock Wheel Lifts

Universal Racing Motorcycle Paddock Stands with Rear Combo Wheel Lift Stands Features:

  • Fits: Most Spool-type Motorcycles
  • 1 Set
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