Optimal Goods - Toppling Tumble Tower 54 Pieces Blocks Board Game with Carrying Bag
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Toppling Tumble Tower 54 Pieces Blocks Board Game with Carrying Bag
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Board Game Toppling Tumble Tower 54 Pieces Blocks with Carrying Bag

Today?s pandemic situation requires everyone to stay at home. You can?t socialize, and your kids can?t play with their friends as they usually would. Your kids may have wanted to improve their social and communication skills while inside, keeping away from stress. Playing games like Jenga for your family can be fun and also benefit your kids.

As an added benefit, the Jenga game also improves the mental and physical abilities of adults. For the ultimate Jenga experience, choose Tipsy Topple Giant Jello Shot. aIt?s a classic game of Jenga with a twist of Jello shots.

A perfect combination of suspense, fun, skills, laughter, and drinking! A problem is identified and a possible solution is sought. Every player in Jenga evaluates the tower?s structure and removes a block to keep it from falling. It helps kids and adults develop critical thinking in this way. Tipsy Topple Giant Jello Shot Tower might crumble if an unplanned move is made.

As a player removes a block, they must remain steady while moving slowly. In Jenga, players test their blocks before removing them. Each player takes a turn. While waiting for your turn, you learn patience. Every player should develop this skill to overcome frustration and anxiety. Technology-savvy kids, in particular, are on their smartphones or other gadgets all the time.

Jenga forces everyone to set their phones aside or turn their devices off and communicate with one another. Jenga involves sensory play to develop the basic elements of life, i.e., light, touch, and sound. In children aged six and above, it is beneficial as it helps build neural connections within the brain. In addition, it helps improve memory function, motor skills, and overall health.

As you move the blocks without toppling the tower, Jenga develops non-verbal reasoning skills too. Children and adults alike learn this skill by playing Jenga. We have already touched on a few benefits of playing Jenga. Everybody can play! When are you going to gang up on Jenga?

Toppling Tumble Tower Toppling Tumble Tower

Board Game Tower Board Game Tower

54-Piece Board Game 54-Piece Board Game

Toppling Tumble Tower Board Game 54 Pieces Blocks with Carrying Bag Features:

  • Weight: 33 lb
  • Size: 8 L x 8 W x 28 in H
  • 54 Equal-Size Pine Wood; 1 600D Oxford Carrying Bag
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