Optimal Goods - Telescoping T Bore Gauge Professional 6pcs Cylinder Hole Smooth Gage
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Telescoping T Bore Gauge Professional 6pcs Cylinder Hole Smooth Gage
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Professional 6pcs Cylinder Hole Smooth Gage Telescoping T Bore Gauge

Telescoping gages are used to measure the real size of holes, slots, and recesses up to 6? in diameter (150 mm). Both contacts? ends are hardened and ground to a radius to provide for sufficient clearance in the smallest hole the gauge will enter. The final hole size is determined by using a micrometer or calipers to measure over the gauge contacts. Telescoping gauges are indirect measuring instruments that are used to determine the interior diameter of a bore, hole, groove, slot, or other similar structure.

A handle, two telescopic rods, and a locking screw make up this T-shaped instrument. Telescopic gauges with two diving telescopic rods are available, as are those with just one. The telescopic rods measure the bore distance with the aid of a micrometer. The rod?s ends are shaped like a half-circle (called the radius edge), which is responsible for precise measurements. The telescopic rod(s) are secured in place by gently turning the locking screw clockwise. The screw is loosened when cranked counterclockwise, allowing the telescopic rods to move freely again.

A little practice is required to get a solid feel for the instrument. Rotate the locking screw counterclockwise to collapse both measurement heads. Insert the gauge into the bore, with one head against the bore?s wall. Start loosening the screw, but not too much since the rods are spring-loaded. Tilt the gauge so that the rods are just above horizontal, then tighten the locking screw (clockwise). Whichever end you raised first, steadily drive it downward (in the opposite direction) into the bore. Wiggle the gauge back and forth as you do this. This will enable the gauge to locate the spring?s lowest size. Finally, use a micrometer that has been calibrated.

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Cylinder Hole Smooth Gage Telescoping T Bore Gauge Professional 6pcs Features:

  • 1 Set Telescoping T Bore Gauge
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