Optimal Goods - Workout Weighted Easy Grip 12lbs Medicine Ball Pro Sports Equipment
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Workout Weighted Easy Grip 12lbs Medicine Ball Pro Sports Equipment
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Pro Sports Equipment Workout Weighted Easy Grip 12lb Medicine Ball

Exercise is more fun if you vary your routine. Your body will grow and change if you stretch it in new ways. When you work out, you can add variety by using a medicine ball. The weight of medicine balls ranges from 2 to 25 pounds. The difference between fitness balls and medicine balls is that medicine balls are small enough for you to hold in your hands while you exercise yet heavy enough to challenge your muscles.

Furthermore, you can throw a medicine ball in the air and toss it, so a medicine ball can provide you with greater mobility and flexibility. Dumbbells and kettlebells would not be the best option for this. What are the benefits of using a medicine ball for exercise? Exercises around medicine balls can be beneficial for building explosive strength, which is vital to sports performance. Explosive strength is the capability of generating high-intensity force quickly. When you jump, leap off the ground, sprint, throw, or kick, you use explosive strength.

Among the most effective exercises for developing explosive power is plyometrics. The addition of a medicine ball to plyometric exercises increases challenge and calorie expenditure and recruits fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are necessary for strength and power. When can you use a medicine ball for explosive strength? Squat jumps are made more challenging by holding a medicine ball while you do them.

To avoid injury, increase your fitness level by doing regular squat jumps. Another plyometric exercise involves performing dynamic scissor lunges while holding a medicine ball. While scissoring back and forth, raise the ball above your head with every lunge. Develop explosive upper-body strength by throwing the ball as hard as you can against the ground repeatedly with as much force as you can muster. The medicine ball can be used in several ways to improve explosive strength and power during plyometric exercises.

Workout Weighted Easy Grip Workout Weighted Easy Grip

Workout Weighted Ball Workout Weighted Ball

Easy Grip Weighted Easy Grip Weighted

Workout Weighted Easy Grip 12lb Medicine Ball by Pro Sports Equipment Features:

  • Weight: 12 lb
  • 1 Medicine Ball
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