Optimal Goods - Pretend Play Kids Store Selling Stand Supermarket with Cash Register
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Pretend Play Kids Store Selling Stand Supermarket with Cash Register
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Pretend Play Kids Store with Selling Stand and Cash Register

Children benefit from pretending. Using dramatic play experiences, children can discover their interests, likes, and dislikes. Role-playing is an experiment they try to figure out what they have seen. This can be seen when kids play with dolls. In addition to being an expressive medium for children, dolls become versions of the child himself. Have you ever seen children pretending to visit the doctor? A child holds a mock stethoscope as the others wait for their turn. More often than not someone gets "shots." An often confusing or frightening experience is explored by a child in this way. Role-plays can help children prepare for life events in a safe way. Playing pretend can also help children cope with more challenging life situations, whether it is coping with illness, the absence of a parent, or a house fire.

Role-playing as the shopkeeper, cashier, and future household shopper at this kid's grocery stand encourages creativity while entertaining your child. Your child will get to build a mini supermarket using 28 fruits, vegetables, boxed foods, and bottled drinks. Organize your playroom with the stand to keep it neat.

Play money, a shopping basket, and an interactive cash register make this set a realistic grocery store experience for your child. Using the adjustable shelves on the selling stand, your child can set up a lemonade stand, farmers market, ice cream exhibit, and more! A portable design makes it easy to move the set. It takes advanced thinking strategies, communication skills, and social interaction to play pretend.

Children learn various skills through pretend play, such as negotiating, considering other perspectives, transferring knowledge from one situation to another, dealing with conflict, developing ideas and implementing them, exploring symbolism, expressing and listening, and assigning tasks and roles. It could easily be described as describing how to effectively manage a work project for an adult just as well as describing children?s pretend play.

Pretend Play Kids Pretend Play Kids

Supermarket with Cash Register Supermarket with Cash Register

Selling Stand Store Selling Stand Store

Pretend Play Kids Store with a Sales Counter and a Cash Register Features:

  • Size: 20 L x 10 W x 32 in H
  • 1 Play Food; 1 Basket; 1 Cash Register; 1 Money and Scanner
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