Optimal Goods - Pretend Play Toddlers Fast Food Cheeseburger Meal with Fries Play Set
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Pretend Play Toddlers Fast Food Cheeseburger Meal with Fries Play Set
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Toddlers Fast Food Cheeseburger Meal with Fries Pretend Play Set

It has the appearance that kids are playing simple games?like pretending to be pirates or secret agents or creating their characters using dolls or Legos?yet they are engaging in child?s play. When children use their imaginations and pretend when they play, they are having a very complex experience, and it?s very helpful to their development.

These are some important ways imagination can be beneficial for kids. Make your hamburgers by stacking the magnetic bun pieces, the meat patty, the cheese slice, the tomato, the lettuce, and the pickle. Besides the tray, there is also ketchup, mustard, and a cola beverage cup with fries attached. With bright, realistic graphics made from cardboard or durable wood, each piece appears as if it were made from space.

Children aged three and up would appreciate this playset especially. We are amazed by the power of children?s imaginations. Simply by pretending, they can be anything and go anywhere. They just need some time, some space, and some encouragement. Storytellers make up adventures and storylines without even thinking about it and create whole worlds, dialog, and action sequences all on their own. This is creativity at its purest.

Imaginative play allows kids to re-create social relationships while reinterpreting what they experience in the world around them. In imaginative play, kids make sense of the world and mimic the social interactions they see around them such as playing with their friends, siblings, parents, and even stuffed animals.

At a tea party, you can offer your child a tea party, where they can share with a teddy bear, get a checkup, receive praise for sharing, or make tea. This game is not only adorable, but it provides children with a useful opportunity to practice the interpersonal skills and dynamics they?re learning. (If you catch them sounding just like you or your spouse, it can be a helpful reminder not to use colorful language around the kids.)

Pretend Play Toddlers Pretend Play Toddlers

Cheeseburger Meal Fries Cheeseburger Meal Fries

Pretend Play McDonalds Pretend Play McDonalds

Pretend Play Toddlers Fast Food Cheeseburger Meal with Fries Features:

  • 1 Pretend Play Fast Food Set
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