Optimal Goods - Air Mattress Pillow Rest Fiber Tech Queen Inflatable Bed Built In Pump
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Air Mattress Pillow Rest Fiber Tech Queen Inflatable Bed Built In Pump
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Queen Inflatable Bed With Air Mattress Pillow Rest Fiber Tech Built In Pump

By the beard of Zeus! Now even mortals like you may feel what it?s like to lie on heavenly clouds with this air mattress Now the living room floor will feel like the very lap of luxury, owing to this airbed?s superbly constructed Fiber-Tech structure, soft, flocked surface, and the handy-dandy built-in air pump that inflates this portable royal bedchamber in approximately three minutes.

Best still, there?s no need for extra pillows owing to the built-in pillow rest design, and you can quickly pack it up and carry it anywhere with the accompanying travel bag. Don?t settle for lesser, earthy airbeds. Feel like you?re on top of cloud-crowned Mount Olympus with this air mattress. Airbeds, often known as inflated air mattresses, employ air as a form of support.

They are particularly practical to use as a normal bed, a temporary guest bed, or carried on hiking and camping vacations. An air mattress can provide enough comfort and support for occasional usage. It gives an extra sleeping place when infrequent guests have to remain overnight. You can transport an airbed wherever you choose and quickly inflate it for temporary usage.

After you stop using the air bed, you may deflate the mattress and put it somewhere out of sight to conserve floor space within a room. This air mattress comes with a convenient storage bag to protect the air mattress from dust while not in use. This air mattress will guarantee your mattress stays firm all night so that you have a pleasant sleep.

Air Mattress Pillow Air Mattress Pillow

Fiber Tech Inflatable Fiber Tech Inflatable

Queen Inflatable Bed Queen Inflatable Bed

Queen Air Mattress Pillow Rest Fiber Tech Built In Pump Inflatable Bed Features:

  • Weight: 15 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lb
  • Size: 60 L x 80 W x 17 in H
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