Optimal Goods - Inflatable Air Mattress Lightweight Compact Backpacking Hiking Pad
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Inflatable Air Mattress Lightweight Compact Backpacking Hiking Pad
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Lightweight Compact Backpacking Hiking Pad Inflatable Air Mattress

A sleeping pad not only gives comfort but also insulation, preventing your back from freezing while you sleep. The earth is quite chilly, particularly at night. To avoid body heat loss to the ground, travelers who sleep on the ground in tents or beneath tarp shelters should invest in an insulated sleeping pad. Air mattresses or foam pads are the greatest hiking sleeping pads since they are lightweight and small.

While their content and thickness vary, they are all intended to supplement your sleep insulation by keeping you warm so your body can recuperate after a day of trekking. A sleeping pad is similar to a mattress, however, it is built for use in the wilderness. Pads, like mattresses, come in a variety of sizes, materials, and hardness levels, with each combination providing a distinct sleeping experience.

A sleeping pad?s primary function, apart from comfort, is to keep you warm. This is very crucial and is often missed. Your pad, in particular, should keep the chilly soil away from your body. Most inflatable cushions include an outer shell and a tiny inside layer that is meant to reflect your body heat. Simply toss it down and put your sleeping bag on top. After a hard day of pushing lengthy kilometers, this is quite useful.

You can sit on a foam pad beside the fire without fear of an ember shooting out and exploding it. The same is true for rough or jagged terrain. There is absolutely no upkeep. Some lightweight backpacks are built with a foam cushion that slides into the rear panel and serves as a pack frame. The poles of a pack may add many ounces to your burden, making the use of a foam cushion even more appealing.

They often take up too much space to fit within your luggage. As a result, most hikers have them attached to the outside of their pack, either on top or flopping about under the bottom. This exposes them to the outdoors practically all of the time, which might be a concern when it rains and your pad isn?t completely waterproof.

Inflatable Air Mattress Inflatable Air Mattress

Compact Backpacking Compact Backpacking

Camping Air Mattress Camping Air Mattress

Inflatable Air Mattress Lightweight Compact Backpacking Hiking Pad Features:

  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Size: 93 x 31 in
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