Optimal Goods - Glazed Square Dinnerware Set 16 Piece Elite Plates Bowls and Mugs
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Glazed Square Dinnerware Set 16 Piece Elite Plates Bowls and Mugs
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16 Piece Glazed Square Dinnerware Set Plates Bowls and Mugs

This set features an embossed reactive glaze on stoneware that your dinner guests will admire. The taupe 16-piece dishware set has a design that features simple details and is a distinguished addition to any table. A dinnerware set that includes four dinner plates, four dessert plates, four bowls, and four mugs.

Featuring stoneware and a reactive glaze finishing technique, each dishware piece is highly durable. Dinnerware made from opal glass and non-porous means it does not absorb food particles, thus preventing bacteria from forming, making it 100% hygienic and food-safe. You may want to choose dinnerware with non-toxic (lead-free) enamel coatings, providing daily use with safe consumption.

The fact that a product does not scratch easily and is resistant to wear and tear is an indication of excellent quality and safety. Acidic foods erode your dinnerware, causing particles to accumulate which, when mixed with your food, make it unhealthy to consume. Make your dinnerware make use of tempering-a complex process that enables it to be three times stronger than normal glass as well as extremely heat-resistant.

Featuring the beauty of nature, this basic dishware set is dishwasher safe and microwave safe, making cleaning a breeze. Table dish sets are designed for durability and long-lasting beauty to ensure that they are used for many dinners to come. No matter what your taste, this formal or casual dining set is the perfect addition to any dinner. You will enjoy setting the table with the Gibson elite 16-piece dinner set for years to come, no matter the occasion.

Glazed Square Dinnerware Glazed Square Dinnerware

Bowls and Mugs Bowls and Mugs

Glass Square Plates Glass Square Plates

Plates, Bowls, and Mugs 16 Piece Glazed Square Dinnerware Set Features:

  • Bowl Diameter: 7 in 
  • Dinner Plate Diameter: 11 in
  • Dessert Plate Diameter: 8 in
  • 4 Dinner Plates; 4 Dessert Plates; 4 Bowls; 4 Mugs
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