Optimal Goods - Front Bumper Fiberglass Face Bar Grille for Chevrolet Corvette 73-74
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Front Bumper Fiberglass Face Bar Grille for Chevrolet Corvette 73-74
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Front Bumper Fiberglass Face Bar Grille for 1973-1974 Chevrolet Corvette

In addition to superior mechanical design, Oldsmobile cars are well-known for their superior manufacture. It is quite important to have maximum use from your automobiles, even if they don?t seem critical like the suspension. An external auto accessory like a bumper face bar not only enhances the look of a vehicle but enhances safety as well. Bumper Face Bars could increase the impact absorption capacity of the bumper if it collides.

Various pieces of plastic or fiberglass are used to create bumper face bars for cars and trucks. Colors and designs of Bumper Face Bars are available. They reinforce factory bumper safety features. An auto bumper is an outer part of a vehicle that is made of steel, aluminum, rubber, or plastic. A bumper system absorbs shocks in a low-speed collision to protect the car. They are both functional and stylish.

Each truck product is made with heavy-duty materials and extra attention is paid to strength and durability. There is no doubt that the front and rear of your vehicle are contact points for most accidents. As a result, stronger road armor at the front and rear of your ride will double its exterior protection. Installing bumpers is usually straightforward since the hardware is directly attached to the bumper.

From full grille guards to base wrap-around bumpers, there are many different types of bumpers available. Additionally, bumper covers are ideal companions to fog lights and driving lights. However, bumper covers don?t add much to the durability of your vehicle.

Front Bumper Fiberglass Front Bumper Fiberglass

Face Bar Grille Chevrolet Corvette Face Bar Grille Chevrolet Corvette

Front Grille Insert Front Grille Insert

1973-1974 Chevrolet Corvette Front Bumper Fiberglass Face Bar Grille Features:

  • Fits: 1973-1974 Corvette
  • 1 Front Bumper
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