Optimal Goods - Convertible Sofa Bed Arm Chair Folding Sleeper Recliner Lounge Couch
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Sofa Bed Convertible Arm Chair Folding Sleeper Recliner Lounge Couch
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Corner Sofa Bed Recliner Lounge Couch Convertible Arm Chair Sleeper

If you need a new couch for your living room, consider purchasing a foldable sofa bed, which allows you to acquire two?a bed and a sofa?for the price of one. This will also save you money, and you will have a comfy couch in your living room that can be converted into a bed if a guest stays with you for the night. When unexpected visitors arrive and want to spend the night, the foldable couch bed will give a pleasant sleeping environment.

One that matches your décor will be excellent for your residence. It will give you more seating area that is both attractive and functional. This adaptable folding armchair may be turned into a leisure couch chair, lounger, or bed to meet your various demands. The concealed legs and armrests provide support while keeping the bed attractive and straightforward. To complete your posture, our foldable sofa backrest may be changed to a range of reclining angles including 0°, 18°, 36°, 54°, 72°, and 90°.

With the addition of a cloth bag on either side, the versatile chair may store periodicals, books, remote controls, and other leisure items. The three-in-one couch is packed with a high-resilience sponge for a comfortable sitting and sleeping experience. When needed, detachable railings may be used as cushions. The handrail?s line cover is permeable and detachable for simple cleaning. The comfortable sofa couch is built with two quiet wheels for easy mobility and further support.

Both rolling caters are additionally secured with brake designs, which improves the whole structure?s stability. Two people can quickly install this three-in-one sofa chair thanks to the provided specific handbook that already designates each screw and accessory type. Manual installation is advised.

sofa bed couch Sofa Bed Couch

corner sofa bed Corner Sofa Bed

sofa bed air mattress Sofa Bed Air Mattress


Convertible Sofa Bed Arm Chair Folding Sleeper Recliner Lounge Couch Features:

  • Weight: 35 lb
  • Size: 71 L x 21 W x 10 in H (Bed); 29 L x 26 W x 31 in H (Sofa); 18 L x 6 W x 4 in H (Handrail)
  • Sponge Thickness: 4 in
  • 1 Sofa Bed; 1 Assemble Instruction
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