Optimal Goods - Floor Cable Cover 10ft Duct Cords Wires Protector Organizers Covers
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Floor Cable Cover 10ft Duct Cords Wires Protector Organizers Covers
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Duct Cords Wires Protector Organizers Covers 10ft Floor Cable Cover

Long, flowing, and dangling cords aren?t just an eyesore and a pain to manage, but they can also be dangerous if left unattended. A floor cable that is not managed can trip unsuspecting guests, detach cord connections, and wear out its protective insulation. We, as responsible homeowners, should therefore keep our home cords organized and well managed.

You can choose this floor cable cover to neatly and correctly hide unwanted wires throughout the house. The majority of home accidents can be attributed to wires and cables, so having a cord cover that fits over cables like a floor cord management kit can prevent untoward accidents from happening. Its pressure-sensitive properties allow it to be applied to a variety of surfaces without being too easily peeled off. Furthermore, the elegant and sleek design of this cord cover blends well with different floors.

This cord cover is available in black, brown, ivory, or grey colors. With so many color options, this product is perfect for homes that have a natural flooring palette. The smooth design also allows it to blend and conform seamlessly to any flooring surface. In addition to providing you with a cleaner, more organized business space, cable management can also extend the life and maximize the performance of your cables!

A cord that is piled on the floor or hangs slack behind equipment may suffer damage due to crushing or sagging. Remember that first impressions count, especially when it comes to business! It doesn?t matter how good you are at what you do if your workspace is disorganized and cluttered. It?s no secret: A messy office makes you look bad, so if you?re likely to receive drop-in visits from customers or prospective clients, invest in a cable management solution like surface raceway and set yourself apart.

Floor Cable Cover Floor Cable Cover

Wires Protector Organizers Wires Protector Organizers

Dual Cords Wires Dual Cords Wires

10ft Floor Cable Cover Duct Cords Wires Protector Organizers Covers Features:

  • Size: 120 L x 3 W x 1 in H
  • 1 Cable Cover
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