Optimal Goods - Compression Tester Engine Leakage Detector Cylinder Test Tool Kit Set
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Compression Tester Engine Leakage Detector Cylinder Test Tool Kit Set
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Set of Compression Tester Engine Leakage Detector Cylinder Test Tool

Do you need to swiftly identify issues with pistons, rings, and valves? This is the package that will suit all of your requirements! The timing chain kit, cam lock tool, and camshaft fixing plate are all engine timing tool components. Timing components and other high-performance vehicle parts are certain to be cheaper elsewhere. Diagnose piston, ring, and valve issues quickly. Will work on low-clearance automobiles. All local and foreign engines are eligible.

Gauges that are easy to see are essential for effective testing and accurate findings. Simple-to-adjust regulator. It comes with a high-quality TU-21 cylinder leak detector, a double gauge system, a 2-1/2? input pressure gauge, a snap-on fast connections male connector, a gauge scale 0-100PSI, 12mm and 14mm spark plug adapters, an air regulator, and a travel box. Designed to identify a wide range of typical engine problems, including worn piston rings, cylinder head cracks, worn valves, and blown head gaskets. Designed to measure the amount of leakage in four-stroke engines.

It measures the amount of leakage in an engine cylinder and assists in determining the cause. Deal for testing vehicles and automobile models with limited clearance. The full package includes adapters for the majority of applications, and the cylinders engine compression gauge test is suitable for all domestic and international vehicles and trucks.

This cylinder compression tester kit is designed to rapidly and precisely measure the pressure in gasoline engine cylinders. The gauge readings help to determine if there are any of the following issues: valve sticking, carbon build-up, a fractured cylinder head or a faulty main gasket, improperly seated or worn piston rings, or burnt or broken piston.

Comes with various sizes of rotary and push-on adapters, making it broadly appropriate for most kinds and depths of spark plug well on gasoline petrol gas fuel engine cylinders, such as those found in motorcycles, cars, trucks, lawnmowers, ATVs, and so on. A built-in check valve with a pressure-maintenance function ensures that the gauge receives maximum pressure at the spark plug during compression. Get the greatest price on tuning vehicle components right here!

Compression Tester Tool Compression Tester Tool

Engine Leakage Detector Engine Leakage Detector

Cylinder Test Tool Kit Cylinder Test Tool Kit

Compression Tester Engine Leakage Detector Cylinder Testing Tool Set Features:

  • 1 Tool Kit Set
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