Optimal Goods - Boat Anchor Delta Style 14 lb 6.35kg 20-35ft Non-hinged Plow 316 Stain
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Boat Anchor Delta Style 14 lb 6.35kg 20-35ft Non-hinged Plow 316 Stainless Steel
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Non-hinged Plow 316 Stainless Steel Delta Style Boat Anchor 14 lb 6.35kg 20-35ft

This triangular anchor structure is to maintain high tensile strength and outstanding stability. Our products are different from most products on the market in that it is not welded directly. The welded junction of the plow anchor is thermoweld first and then welded again with the welding wire. This high-quality process effectively prevents cracks in the anchor.
This delta-style boat anchor is made of high-grade steel. It is durable and corrosion-resistant, making sure of long-term use. With a low center of gravity and the self-aligning geometry, this sea anchor for the boat ensures fast settlement. Our plow anchors are filled with lead internally to increase further the gripping power, which is better than the steel filling products on the market, helping the boat to maintain stability under a wide range of tidal and wind conditions. The versatile design of our delta-style boat anchor is ideal for use in sand, pebble, rock, grass, kelp, and coral bottoms for boats from 20ft to 35ft.

Boat Anchor Delta StyleBoat Anchor Delta Style

Stainless Steel Boat AnchorStainless Steel Boat Anchor

Stainless Steel Delta Style AnchorStainless Steel Delta Style Anchor

Stainless Steel Boat Anchor Delta Style 14 lb 6.35kg 20-35ft Non-hinged Plow Features:

Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Style: Non-hinged Plow
Color: Silver
Application: All bottoms
Boat Size Range: 20-35ft
Weight: 14lb (6.35 kg)
Dimensions (L* W* H): 24.8"*12.2"*11.4" (63*31*29cm)
Package Content
1 x Delta Style Anchor

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