Optimal Goods - Compost Bin 80 Gallon Durable Garden Kitchen Food Waste Composter
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Compost Bin 80 Gallon Durable Garden Kitchen Food Waste Composter
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80 Gallon Durable Garden Kitchen Food Waste Composter Compost Bin

As a discipline at the vanguard of environmental health, public health can take the lead in educating and supporting sustainable practices in our everyday lives, including how we dispose of garbage. It is crucial to remember, especially for individuals who are overwhelmed by the thought of global climate change, that tiny lifestyle adjustments may have enormous consequences. Composting is a good place to start.

Place the things to be composted in a container or mound with plenty of ventilation. Keep your compost wet, and if it stinks, add extra leaves, brown paper, or grass clippings (the ?browns?) to balance out the ?greens??the fruit and vegetable waste that are producing the odor as they decompose. Continue to add browns and greens, and when the volume becomes too much to handle, start a new pile and let the previous one finish (break down until it is entirely black and free of big bits of recognized food waste) before putting it to the soil.

Composting greatly decreases the quantity of waste in a landfill as well as the expenses and carbon emissions associated with hauling and processing those items. Meanwhile, the rich nutrients in your biodegradable items make composting a better option than dumping your organic waste in a landfill.

Composting adds nutrients to the soil, reducing the demand for fertilizers and pesticides. Fertilizers and pesticides need fossil fuels for manufacturing and transportation, and some of them may be hazardous to human health. Compost improves soil?s capacity to absorb moisture, which aids in erosion prevention by minimizing runoff.

Compost also prevents and suppresses plant diseases and pests, while moister, healthier soil increases soil workability and decreases fossil fuel emissions required to create and distribute soil-maintenance goods. Composting can sequester carbon, which means it can help remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Compost Bin 80 Gallon Compost Bin 80 Gallon

Garden Food Waste Composter Garden Food Waste Composter

Earth Machine Bin Earth Machine Bin

Garden Kitchen Food Waste Composter Compost Bin 80 Gallon Features:

  • Weight: 12 lb
  • Capacity: 80 Gal
  • 1 Compost Bin
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