Optimal Goods - Pretend Play Grocery Store Cash Register Money Basket Kids Play Toy
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Pretend Play Grocery Store Cash Register Money Basket Kids Play Toy
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Kids Play Toy Grocery Store Cash Register Money Basket

Is your child fascinated by pretend play? Discover how pretend play can enhance development in a child while learning new activities, games, and dramatic play ideas. The problem-solving, coordination, and cooperation skills children learn when designing and building a restaurant together or twirling around in fairytale land will help them to address future challenges. With its realistic sounds and functionality, the Pretend Electronic Cash Register with Real Sounds and Functions is a battery-powered cash register with many of the same features as the ones in grocery stores.

This educational toy teaches children how to manage money, buy and ring up sales while still being fun to play with. In each set, you can play with coins and US bills, a credit card, and food items that you can buy and sell. With the calculator, users can add numbers on the digital display with accuracy, a hand scanner that has a light and sounds when it scans, and a slot for credit cards that beeps when they swipe them.

As if Mom and Dad were grocery shopping with my basket, scale, and conveyor belt, I can still engage in the same activity while playing with food. A child?s first experience of dramatic play gives him or her insight into his or her likes and dislikes, as well as their interests and capacities. The students role-play and try to interpret what they observe as they work to construct meaning. It?s easy to see the process in action by watching children with dolls. When children play with dolls, the dolls often become versions of the child himself, and it?s a great way for them to express new ideas and feelings.

Pretend Play Grocery Store Pretend Play Grocery Store

Cash Register Money Cash Register Money

Cash Register Pretend Play Cash Register Pretend Play

Toy Grocery Store Cash Register Money Basket for Children Features:

  • Requires: 3 AA Batteries (not included)
  • Size: 12 L x 8 W x 4 in H
  • 1 Plastic Credit Card; 8 Coins; 14 US Paper Bills; 8 Food Items; 1 Basket
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