Optimal Goods - Racing Safety Seat Belt Blue Stainless Steel Chassis Roll Harness Bar
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Racing Safety Seat Belt Blue Stainless Steel Chassis Roll Harness Bar
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Blue Stainless Steel Chassis Roll Harness Bar Racing Seat Belt

You dream about going racing in your project car on weekends, don?t you? But is it safe for your little project to race? Have you got harnesses? ?A harness bar? What?s that?? I hear you ask. As an easy explanation, harness bars are bars mounted behind the front seats that allow racing-style seat belts, also known as harnesses. Hence harness + bar. Harnesses provide much-improved safety and security for drivers and passengers.

In addition to improving control, the driver will be firmly seated in their seat, which means less dancing and faster maneuvering. While OEM cars usually come with shoulder belts fitted for the harness, most aren?t designed to go racing. Harness bars act as anchor points for shoulder straps. You can install a harness in nearly any vehicle. For track days or adding a harness, but not a permanent roll cage, a harness bar is the only option.

You will have added safety while keeping your interior looking tidy. Additionally to protecting the front occupants, harness bars add structural rigidity to the chassis for better handling. Harness bars come in bolt-in kits or universal kits that require some custom fitting. Be sure to measure and check to make sure the item fits your application before you order.

The use of racing-style harness belts might be a great idea for a competition, however, some cities or states may prohibit its use on the street. Our seatbelt harness bar completes your safety system upgrade. They provide your vehicle with a means to safely attach multiple-seat belt harness systems with the utmost quality and durability. In addition to adding color to the interior of your vehicle, it also reinforces the chassis.

Racing Safety Seat Blue Racing Safety Seat Blue

Stainless Steel Chassis Stainless Steel Chassis

Racing Seat Harness Bar Racing Seat Harness Bar

Racing Seat Belt Blue Stainless Steel Chassis Roll Harness Bar Features:

  • Inquire For Fitment
  • 1 Harness Bar
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