Optimal Goods - Black Cat Head Lantern Light Up Vintage Retro Halloween Decoration
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Black Cat Head Lantern Light Up Vintage Retro Halloween Decoration
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Black Cat Head Lantern Light Up Vintage Retro Halloween Decoration

Let us help you with whatever lighting requirements you have this Halloween! Having trick or treaters over to visit your home? How about a string of lights to welcome them? Our selection includes several different types of lighting including walkway lights, porch lights, jack o? lanterns, and more. Are you looking for a flashlight to guide the way when you are collecting your treats yourself? There are Halloween flashlights available at our store!

If you?re looking for the best Halloween party atmosphere, check out our collection of strobe lights with thunder sounds! The ancient house at the end of your street has invited you inside even though everyone warned you not to enter, but your curiosity won the day and you now find yourself creeping through the old residence. Under your steps, you step on creaking floorboards as you approach a dusty grand staircase.

The handrail causes a terrifying whisper to sweep through the foyer when you touch it. You find yourself startled, but it?s no one there. As you climb up the staircase to the second floor, you find an old lantern, which you decide to light before the house is overwhelmed by fall shadows. While traveling through the second floor, you hear the doorknob rattling behind you, but when you turn to check its source, there is nothing.

After that, the door slams. Again you scream, but you are unable to identify what caused the disturbance. You go back downstairs and explore the basement, refusing to let anything think that you couldn?t see everything in the house. You can?t see anything. With your lantern raised, you plunge head-first into the depths. Movement catches your eye as you plunge into the depths. Did you see it in the light? This time, you turn in hopes of spotting something. You raise your lantern to your face and see two hollow eyes staring directly into yours.

Lantern Lights Lantern Lights

Halloween Decor Halloween Decor

Black Cat Head Lantern Light Up Vintage Retro Halloween Decoration Features:

  • Size: 5 L x 5 W x 5 in H
  • 3 Assorted Light Up Cat Buckets
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