Optimal Goods - Bathroom Oval Tempered Glass Vessel Sink and Faucet Pop-Up Drain Set
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Bathroom Oval Tempered Glass Vessel Sink and Faucet Pop-Up Drain Set
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Bathroom Oval Tempered Glass Vessel Sink and Faucet Pop-Up Drain Set

Create a definition of who you are. Define your style. It?s time to talk vessel sinks. It is possible to combine beauty with affordability when you choose vessel sinks. You can create anything you want. They are the direct descendants of the very first sink (a hand basin and pitcher), which makes them the epitome of classical style.

They?re anything but ordinary. Vessel sinks can range from boldly handcrafted copper or bronze sinks to extravagant designs made from exotic materials. They are exquisite enough to be considered works of art but strong enough to withstand years of use. Better yet, they are affordable, so you can finally complete that bathroom renovation or half-bath update you?ve been dreaming of.

Is there anything left to do for you? Let your creativity run wild. With dozens of colors and patterns to choose from, vessel sinks can be found in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They are available in a range of materials, from sumptuous stone to whimsically colored glass. Vessels are installed on their counter-top so that they stand out as a focal point. Those who enjoy upcycling and DIY projects will enjoy this one.

When you use a vessel sink, you can repurpose your old desk or dresser as a vanity, and make sure that it?s the perfect height for you. Installation is easy and space-saving: vessel sinks free up space beneath the vanity and above it. Most glass vessel sinks are made with tempered glass, which undergoes controlled thermal and chemical treatments to increase strength and durability.

It is safer than jagged sinks because, if damaged, temper glass breaks up into small granular fragments rather than jagged streaks. Sinks made of glass are capable of withstanding very high temperatures, and their surfaces do not absorb odors or stains. Stunning oval basin in tempered glass, paired with an ORB waterfall mixer faucet in brass. The glasses are fired at high temperatures, so there are no cracks and no water seepage.

The workmanship is of the highest quality. The installation and cleaning of the software are easy. It can be cleaned with mild soap to ensure its shine will not tarnish. By packaging the products safely, the user is assured that no harm will come to them.

Sink Sink

Bathroom Sink Bathroom Sink

Sink Drain Sink Drain

Bathroom Oval Tempered Glass Vessel Sink and Faucet Pop-Up Drain Set Features:

  • Faucet Total Height: 11 in; Base Length: 2 in; Spout Length: 4 in
  • 1 Tempered Glass Sink; 1 Tap; 1 Drain
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