Optimal Goods - Baby Folding Bathtub Blue Infant Collapsible Portable Shower Basin
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Baby Folding Bathtub Blue Infant Collapsible Portable Shower Basin
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Baby Folding Bathtub Blue Infant Collapsible Portable Shower Basin

If you add water to soap and you have a newborn, it may sound like a slippery, potentially frightening situation. After you?ve mastered bath time with your baby, you?ll likely relish running the water with your little one. It?s most likely that you?ll keep your little one in the smaller family bathtub throughout the first year instead of using a sink, a bathtub insert, or some other baby-specific tub.

When choosing a baby tub for your little one, it?s important to take into consideration his or her size and age. Some tubs have a reclining hammock or another positioner to help hold younger babies in place during bath time. Another option is a smaller water basin that allows babies over a year old to sit up. You can choose a growth option that will keep up with your child?s needs. Baby folding bathtubs provide versatility and convenience for bathing your little tot. It makes bathing time easier and safer for both you and your little one.

In addition to its ease of storage and compact dimensions, the folding bathtub doesn?t take up much space. For babies between 6 months and 3 years of age, it has been specially designed. Non-slip bottom support and legs at the bottom make this bathtub suitable for use on any flat surface. Don?t let your baby go without a bathtub!

The product is brand new and of high quality. Materials that are non-toxic and odorless. It has non-slip legs, which makes it feasible for the bath to be used on any flat surface. Bathroom with removable plug and full-size bathtub. Organize soap and shampoo with this useful storage block. A deep bathtub, ergonomically designed and spacious, can accommodate your baby every time. Water is drained quickly and completely with a drain plug. The folding and transportable design makes it convenient to store and transport.

Folding Bathtub Folding Bathtub

Bathtub Bathtub

Best Baby Bathtub Best Baby Bathtub

Baby Folding Bathtub Blue Infant Collapsible Portable Shower Basin Features:

  • 6 months - 3 years old
  • Weight: 5 lb
  • Unfolded Size: 34 L x 20 W x 9 in H
  • Folded Size: 34 L x 20 W x 2 in H
  • 1 Baby Folding Bathtub
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