Optimal Goods - Aquarium Canister Filter Sterilizer Fish Tank UV 9W UV 200 Gallon
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Aquarium Canister Filter Sterilizer Fish Tank UV 9W UV 200 Gallon
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UV 9W UV 200 Gallon Aquarium Sterilizer Canister Filter Fish Tank

The latest generation of filter technology runs quietly. The huge pump cylinder has a clear and generous design for filling the canister filters without the need for time-consuming suction: each media chamber is filled by simply pushing the pump cylinder. The rapid disconnect coupling on the top surface (cover lid) allows you to detach the hoses without emptying the canister filter. The hose connectors may be rotated 360°. Hose adapter with a locking mechanism that is simple to use. Flow may be adjusted using an adapter lever. The filter operates silently and efficiently. Rubber knobs dampen vibration and noise. The readily removable filter media trays allow for the use of various filter materials ranging from fine to coarse.

Aquarium Canister Filter Aquarium Canister Filter

Filter Sterilizer Fish Filter Sterilizer Fish

Aquarium Filter Canister Aquarium Filter Canister

Canister Filter Fish Tank UV 9W UV 200 Gallon Aquarium Sterilizer Features:

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 525 GPH
  • Size: 12 L x 12 W x 19 in H
  • 110-120V 50-60Hz
  • 1 Input and Output Discreteness; 1 Barrel Head; 1 Main Canister Body; 1 9W UV Light Bulb; 2 5 Feet Lengths of Flexible Tubing; 1 Draining Tray Cover; 4 Draining Trays; 1 Output Curvy Bar; 1 Input Curvy Bar; 2 Spray Bars; 1 Spray Bar Cover; 1 Dirtiness Entrance; 1 Input Cover; 3 White-fine Pad Cottons Pads
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