Optimal Goods - Motorcycle Wind Deflector Adjustable Windshield Extension Spoiler
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Motorcycle Wind Deflector Adjustable Windshield Extension Spoiler
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Adjustable Windshield Extension Spoiler for Motorcycles

Windshields are designed to protect your face and chest from wind blasts when riding your bike. Nonetheless, with a windshield, there are other major benefits, especially when riding a cruiser bike on long trips. You should consider installing windshields on your bike for more reasons than just because they are cool to look at. When the weather is hot and dry, the windscreen will divert hot, dry air from the car. In the winter, the windscreen will divert damp, cold, turbulent air.

It protects you from the rain at the same time, because in high-intensity rain it is nearly impossible to ride. You can use it to protect your face and chest against high-intensity rain. Even in intense rain, it is nearly impossible to ride a bike, but a windshield installed on your bike allows you to maneuver at a much higher speed. The less turbulence from the wind, the more miles you can ride without getting tired.

Getting a windshield when you?re driving long distances is very important. Night rides are typically associated with flying ants trying to find the motorcycle?s beam light and sometimes hitting our helmet. Your bike?s windshield will allow you to ignore this. Some fiberglass windshields are strong enough to protect against minor head-on collisions with roadside animals or other vehicles. As well as shielding you from the wind, weather, and other unwanted materials, the windshield is aesthetically pleasing as well.

The issue of having a windshield that looks cool, but isn?t functional for you, is not rational. Consider some of the important factors to take into consideration when installing a windshield on your motorcycle based on its type, height (very important), and style. At our store, you can find the perfect windshield for your bike!

Motorcycle Wind Deflector Motorcycle Wind Deflector

Deflector Adjustable Windshield Deflector Adjustable Windshield

Extension Windshield Deflector Extension Windshield Deflector

Spoiler with Adjustable Windshield Extension for Motorcycles Features:

  • Size: 275 L x 130 W x 5 mm H
  • Fits: Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki/Kawasaki/BMW/KTM/Aprilia/Ducati
  • 1 Windscreen; 1 Silver CNC Aluminum Block
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