Optimal Goods - Cat Climber Set 5 Pcs Wall-Mounted Cat Perch Scratching Post Hammock
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Cat Climber Set 5 Pcs Wall-Mounted Cat Perch Scratching Post Hammock
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Wall-Mounted Cat Climber Set 5 Pcs Cat Perch Scratching Post Hammock

If your kitten is always bothering you and you want an item of great wall-mounted cat furniture to securely burn off his/her energy, this might be the appropriate choice. Feel free to combine this set of five to make an interior wall playground for your cat. Climb via the wobbly bridge or step by step along the cat tree, and ultimately, the condo home is available for your feline companion to enjoy a nice rest or a fast snooze. Durable sisal boards/posts infused with catnip entice your cat to scratch to his or her heart's delight. With our cat furniture, your wall will be transformed into the perfect cat hangout.

Cat Climber Wall-Mounted Cat Climber Wall-Mounted

Scratching Post Hammock Scratching Post Hammock

Wall-Mounted Climber Cat Wall-Mounted Climber Cat

Cat Climber 5 Pcs Set Wall-Mounted Cat Perch Hammock Scratching Post Features:

  • Weight: 16 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 22 lb
  • Size: 12 L x 8 in W (Wall Shelf); 8 L x 18 in W (Scratching Board); 36 L x 12 in W (Cat Bridge); 2 L x 8 in W (Bridge Step); 22 L x 8 in W (Cloth); 12 L x 12 W x 12 in H (Cat House); 11 L x 2 in W (Scratching Post); 12 L x 8 in W (Cat Tree Step)
  • 1 Cat Climber Set (5 Pcs); 1 User Manual; 1 Catnip; 13 Triangle Bracket
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