Optimal Goods - Wall Mounted 4-Level Cat Tree Activity Play Center Bed Scratching Post
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Wall Mounted 4-Level Cat Tree Activity Play Center Bed Scratching Post
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Bed Scratching Post Wall Mounted 4-Level Cat Tree Activity Play Center

A cat tree is not only an expensive purchase for a cat guardian; it is also a useful addition to the inside environment. Humans live in a horizontal world, but cats live in a vertical one and rely on elevated locations for protection, comfort, exercise, and entertainment. If you?ve ever had to rescue your cat from the top of the refrigerator or bookshelf, you?ll understand how much she likes being on the highest perch in the room.

A cat tree may offer a haven for a scared or timid cat, allowing her to remain somewhat out in the open while retaining a feeling of protection. When she is on a high perch, she gets a better view of her surroundings and has a greater visual warning time of an approaching opponent. A frightened cat may find comfort in the tree and choose to remain in the room rather than scurry under a bed or behind the furniture.

Because it lacks the foreign odors that a couch or chair would have, the tree becomes her private space. With this wall-mount cat shelf from our shop, you may whet your cat?s appetite for inquiry and adventure. Made of a multi-layered board for long-lasting strength, it can support up to eleven pounds of weight. It has a cat bed, an enclosed condo with a cushioned cushion, and three scratching posts; it?s the ideal place for fun and relaxation.

It includes all of the necessary hardware for installation. Excellent for using your walls and providing them with their place. A multi-perched tree enables several cats to occupy a small area while yet preserving the pecking order. Two or three cats in the house that wouldn?t typically share a window ledge in peace may each claim a position to enjoy viewing the birds outside. While being near the other cat, each cat retains their position and feels protected.

Wall Mounted Cat Tree Wall Mounted Cat Tree

Activity Play Center Activity Play Center

Wall Cat Playground Wall Cat Playground

Wall Mounted 4-Level Cat Tree Activity Play Center Bed Scratching Post Features:

  • Weight Capacity: 10 lb
  • Size: 15 L x 12 W x 59 in H
  • 1 Cat Tree
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