Optimal Goods - Cooling System 33pcs Radiator Pressure Tester Test Kit with Case
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Cooling System 33pcs Radiator Pressure Tester Test Kit with Case
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33pcs Radiator Pressure Tester Test Kit with Case for Cooling System

This toolset enables you to easily replace the coolant and test for leaks in the vehicle?s cooling system, including the radiator, heater core, and radiator cap. Color-coded radiator test caps for simple identification, an easy-to-read pressure gauge with rubber protective sleeve Allows for simple leak checking in the radiator system and rapid coolant changes. The color-coded radiator test cap makes it simple to choose the correct test cap for the task.

Allows you to identify leaks and other cooling system problems quickly and simply. This universal radiator pressure tester and vacuum type cooling system kit makes it simple to test radiator leaks, replenish coolant, refill the car cooling system, and eliminate air pockets. The multi-colored radiator test caps make it simple to choose an appropriate test cap during testing. It aids in the detection of internal and exterior leakage. Perfect for determining which side of the block or which cylinder has a leaking head gasket.

It comes with a stylish molded case that keeps your kit organized and provides you with a simple approach to a tester. Furthermore, with the case, you could conveniently transport this radiator pressure tester set anywhere you required. Color-coded radiator test caps let you determine which cap is required for each application, making it simple to choose the right test cap for the task. Thumb-operated pressure relief valve and self-locking rapid-disconnecting components allow for quick and simple pressure release.

Find any leaks in the system caused by the head gasket. Tank for the header. Cores of radiators and heaters Plugs, hoses, and housings for water pumps This package includes quick-release couplings and a high-powered pump with a big, easy-to-read dial, as well as a huge blow-molded housing and operating instructions. This equipment will help you with your work.

Cooling System Radiator Cooling System Radiator

Pressure Tester Test Pressure Tester Test

Pressure Tester Cooling System Pressure Tester Cooling System

Radiator Pressure Tester Kit with Case for Cooling System 33pcs Features:

  • Fits Mercedes Benz, Audi/VW, Vauxhall/Opel, Ford, Volvo, Citroen, Fiat, Renault, Peugeot, Honda/Toyota, Nippon and Hino, Nissan/Mazda, and Main Japanese and European Vehicles
  • 1 Cooling System Radiator Pressure Tester Kit
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