Optimal Goods - Bee Hive 20 Deep 10 Medium Frames with Metal Roof Beehive Beekeeping
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Bee Hive 20 Deep 10 Medium Frames with Metal Roof Beehive Beekeeping
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Beekeeping Bee Hive 20 Deep 10 Medium Frames with Metal Roof Beehive

You have done it. You have successfully managed to bring your beehive to the point where you can reap the benefits. Congrats! Following your victory lap, we?ll go over the different products you can obtain from the hive, their uses, benefits, how to extract them, and how they can be used as a sideline source of income. There is one word of caution: people with severe allergies to bees should use or ingest any honey product with caution.

You should obtain direct medical supervision before using honey products. When either spinning or crushing and straining are used, the process begins by removing the honeycomb from the hive carefully. By carefully pulling out the frames or bars with the honey-filled comb, it will become easier to remove the honey. You can carefully brush away any remaining bees with your bee brush or your hand and then place the hive in an organic bucket or another container.

In frame systems, you?ll use an uncapping knife to remove the top layer of wax, allowing the honey to escape into the extractor, then clean it in the extractor. If you are using the crush and strain method, you can skip the uncapping knife step because you may have removed the comb from the frames or you may have a frameless system. To prepare an extractor, at this point follow the manufacturer?s instructions for loading, setting, and so forth.

If you intend to use crush and strain, place a small amount of comb in the cheesecloth mesh bag, and place the cheesecloth mesh bag in the bucket with holes in the bottom. This bucket should be placed on top of the bucket with the spigot so that the honey can drain into it.

The crushing tool, which is similar to a long-handled potato masher, will crush up the honeycomb, releasing the honey and allowing gravity to do the rest. A 24 to 48-hour period may be needed, depending on the temperature and amount of honey. Follow this procedure until all of the honey and comb have been processed. Place the honey in a safe storage area and label the container with the date, location, etc.

Bee Hive Medium Frames Bee Hive Medium Frames

Metal Roof Beehive Metal Roof Beehive

Medium Frame Beehive Medium Frame Beehive

Beekeeping Bee Hive with Metal Roof 20 Deep 10 Medium Frames Features:

  • Weight: 57 lb
  • Size: 22 L x 18 W x 3 in H (Top Cover); 20 L x 16 W x 1 in H (Inner Cover); 20 L x 16 W x 10 in H (Deep Brood Box); 20 L x 16 W x 7 in H (Medium Brood Box); 20 x 17 in (Queen Excluder); 19 L x 18 W x 9 in H (Deep Frame); 19 L x 18 W x 6 in H (Medium Frame); 22 L x 16 W x 2 in H (Bottom Board); 15 L x 1 W x 1 in H (Entrance Reducer)
  • 1 Top Cover; 1 Queen Excluder; 1 Inner Cover; 1 Bottom Board with Entrance Reducer; 1 Brood with 10 Medium Frames; 2 Brood with 20 Deep Frames
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