Optimal Goods - Universal 20 Gallon Aluminum Racing Drift Fuel Cell Tank Level Sender
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Universal 20 Gallon Aluminum Racing Drift Fuel Cell Tank Level Sender
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Universal Fuel Cell Tank Level Sender 20 Gallon Aluminum Racing Drift

It is vital to replace or upgrade your racing fuel cell or fuel tank for both engine performance and safety. Fuel cells and fuel tanks provide your engine with the power it needs to operate, whether on or off the track. Racing fuel cells outperform factory original gas tanks in terms of performance and safety in a variety of racing and performance applications. The material strength and interior design of automobile racing fuel cells contribute to driver safety by limiting fuel spilling in collisions.

Racing fuel cells for automobiles and trucks are also developed to maximize gasoline delivery in competitive racing and harsh off-road situations. The OEM gasoline tank that comes standard on every vehicle is designed to endure the life of the vehicle and to be used daily. However, it is extremely huge and heavy for racing purposes. This is where aluminum fuel cells and tanks come into play. They are smaller, mountable in various positions, and packed with an open-cell foam core to avoid vapor explosions in the empty area of the tank and to decrease gasoline sloshing during competition, which may unbalance the vehicle or provide insufficient fuel supply to the engine (fuel starvation).

There are several advantages to purchasing or upgrading racing fuel tanks or fuel cells for your vehicle, truck, or SUV. Replacing the original factory tank with a new one offers your engine clean gasoline and the peace of mind that your vehicle?s fuel system is leak-free. A fuel cell is an alternative to an original gasoline tank since it is built of lightweight material and is smaller to save weight.

This weight reduction aids racing cars? acceleration and speed. Fuel cells also provide several possibilities for fuel system configuration, such as outlet connections for a fuel pump, return line intake, and vents, allowing for a much simpler bespoke fuel system.

Universal 20 Gallon Universal 20 Gallon

Racing Drift Fuel Racing Drift Fuel

Aluminum Gas Tank Aluminum Gas Tank

20 Gallon Aluminum Racing Drift Universal Fuel Cell Tank Level Sender Features:

  • Capacity: 20 Gal
  • Size: 20 L x 24 W x 10 in H
  • 1 Aluminum Fuel Tank
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